A patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed by President Barack Obama on March 20, 2010. Before this mandate, people with pre-existing conditions were not able to get health care coverage.

Although this act has faced fierce positions and many controversies since its enactment, still Obamacare insurance is the most sweeping national reform. Obamacare insurance plans will help Americans lead their lifestyle in a more healthy way and increase a sense of security because people of America are now assured that pre-existing conditions and dollar-limit will no more affect their health insurance experience. Including this, there are many other facts and benefits regarding Obamacare, which needs to be explored.

Here are the 10 Facts about Obamacare Insurance:

  1. Unlimited health coverage: Prior to the ObamaCare insurance plan, a settled yearly limit for an individual’s covered benefits within an insurance plan was a common practice wherein many health insurers set a lifetime balance, which was an amount of money a person can spend being an enroller of a specific plan. However, within this plan, American people are now assured that pre-existing conditions and dollar-limit will no more affect their health insurance experience.
  2. Caters all major and minor clinical issues: All Obamacare fitness insurance plans are “predominant clinical” fitness insurance plans. That way, they may be traditional fitness insurance plans designed to cover each minor and predominant clinical issue.
  3. Slower rise of health care cost: This is one of the biggest benefits of the ObamaCare plan; this is done by providing free preventive care and insurance to millions of people. This means people can receive treatment before they are needed to go to an expensive emergency room.
  4. Ten essential health benefits plan: Via this plan, Obamacare required all insurance plans to cover 10 mandatory health benefits, including treatment for addiction, mental health, chronic diseases and so on.
  5. Coverage of pre-existing conditions by insurance companies: So under the ObamaCare plan, insurance companies can no longer deny the coverage of pre-existing conditions, which were prior to this act dropped, and asked to raise premiums if the beneficiaries get sick.
  6. It extinguishes the Medicare donut hole gap in coverage by 2020.
  7. Reduction in budget deficit: By the end of 2020, it is expected to reduce the budget deficit of $134 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
  8. Health insurance to employees: The Act mandates that businesses with above 50 employees must offer health insurance to them.
  9. Insurance exchanges: All of the states must set up a federal government exchange or insurance exchange.
  10. Children coverage: Children below age 26 can stay on their parent’s insurance plans.

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