ACA Financial Aid State

Brief overview of the importance of Affordable Care Act (ACA) financial aid for individuals and families. ACA Financial AidMarketplace Open Enrollment

Overview of the Marketplace Open Enrollment period, highlighting the number of Americans who selected ACA Marketplace plans and the proportion of new versus returning consumers.


Data Visualization: Line graph showing the trend of individuals selecting ACA Marketplace plans from the start of the Open Enrollment Period to mid-January 2024.

Premiums and Savings

Explanation of the continuous efforts, such as the Inflation Reduction Act and American Rescue Plan, contributing towards keeping Marketplace coverage relatively affordable.

How Obamacare Effect the Middle Class

Middle Class Image

State Data and Enrollees

Discussion of plan selection numbers per state during the Open Enrollment Period for both Marketplaces and the State-Based Marketplaces.


Resources for Enrollment

Information on resources like “Find Local Help” to access professional guidance offered by licensed Navigators, Certified Application Counselors, and brokers.


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Recap of the significance of ACA financial aid and the resources available for individuals seeking enrollment.


This Informational will provide valuable insights into ACA financial aid and its impact on individuals and families, incorporating relevant data visualizations and linking to resources for further information and assistance.