How Obamacare Changed Healthcare

How Obamacare Changed Healthcare

A decade ago, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also called the ObamaCare insurance act, was propped into American law. For the last 10 years, since the Obamacare insurance plan has been enacted and signed into regulation, it has affected almost every aspect of the nation, especially the healthcare system. Millions of Americans have been enrolled and medically insured via ACA exchanges or Medicare extensions. The law has transformed the healthcare system of America by expanding healthcare coverage to 20 million people and saving the lives of thousands.

Obamacare insurance plan has improved healthcare in many ways;

  • Protection of people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Assisting patients and cost-sharing for high-value preventive services.
  • The prevention and public Health Fund helps the Center for Disease Control and Prevention a(CDC) and goes beyond boundaries for health care coverage.
  • Public Healthcare Funds also helps the CDC and other state agencies to detect and respond to health threats like COVID-19
  • ACA requires the working women employees to provide breastfeeding breaks at work and making calories count more widely available.
  • The bill is aimed to curb the rising healthcare costs by increasing the quality of care and turning the 30 million Americans from uninsured to insured.
  • Women of America are no longer charged more for insurance; rather, they have assured coverage for services essential to women’s health.
  • The ACA has helped to establish health insurance marketplaces like, and state exchanges wherein people could enrol themselves for health coverage and qualify for federal subsidies.
  • Black Americans, children and small businesses are significantly benefited from this act.
  • Children under age 26 can be benefited from their parent’s insurance plans.
  • Moreover, the Obamacare plan eliminated insurance limits to healthcare, which prior to Act, needed enrolment to premiums for the sick.

Conclusively, the Obamacare plan has been a benchmark in history, and it provided healthcare insurance to 20 million Americans. Besides the fact that Trump and other Republicans have tried their well to stagger this Act and the plan also gone through many other fierce positions and controversies, it still has successfully benefited millions of Americans.

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